Monday, December 14, 2009

The Thesis-Speaking to the Mountains of Life*

"You didn't have enough faith," Jesus told them. "I assure you, even if you had faith as small as a mustard seed you could say to this mountain, `Move from here to there,' and it would move. Nothing would be impossible." Matthew 17:20 NLT

Wow, this has always amazed me, the ability to move mountains! In all of our lives mountains exist; mountains are nothing more than life's difficulties, God wants us to get to a place in our Christian walk where we can confidently speak the truth of God's word to the problem and give the situation to Him entirely- not worried about the outcome trusting God to deliver. So a mountain that has developed in my life is my thesis. I am a year behind in my graduate program- one of my family members became ill and I let the issue spiral out of control as I fed fear, doubt, and unbelief and ending up getting behind. Now that it has been a year, the challenge is believing that this is something I can actually achieve. I get tormented with the idea of people's opinions and concerned with what they are saying- this kept me from completing a stage of my life and dreaming again. Well enough is enough, its time to finish my coursework and finish this thing with honors. I was flowing through the program with ease before we were hit with the illness and lost my focus as distraction after distraction moved me farther away from my goal.

I am excited that I have regained momentum, focus, and am letting the Lord guide my path and I know, it will be successful. I am attempting to complete a Masters program in 5 months, while writing a thesis and completing the remainder of my coursework. It may look intimidating but I will overcome this situation and will love for everyone reading to celebrate with me in the end. I am a firm believer in God's word and that everything it says is true. I know that faith without works is dead and if I commit to the work before me, God will see me through. I am excited about this journey and I looking to what lies ahead after the Master's.

Lord, thank you for being you. I would never have had the courage to pursue my dreams and overcome if it had not been for your love and truth in my life. Thank you for loving me and supporting me-always encouraging me-even when no one else could. You are awesome and I am forever indebted to you. Lord, forgive me for ever doubting or staying stagnant in failure, give me the strength to see past circumstance in the low moments, let me be motivated by your word during the storm and let me never loose faith in the promise of graduation. You have given me all the tools I need to be successful- all that is left is believing and working toward that goal in faith. Thank you for renewing my mind, changing my focus, and inspiring me to overcome, you are truly my true love. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

My topic-Effective Upward Communication/ from Subordinate to Superior

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  1. Yeah you are a overcomer! God is going blow this thesis and coursework out the water! God you are awesome!