Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hidden Beauty, Rosemary Mint Soap and Dream Catching*

Hello World Changers,

There is so much wealth in taking the time to rest among the successful and ambitious*

My jewels from the retreat:

  • Direction- I had the time to sit with other women and discuss my current position and where I aspire to be. (the inquisitive love did something for my heart)
  • Ambition - I listened and was able to glean information and goal setting. Their pathway, struggles, and success!
  • Dream Catching- I was given a bit of a strategy (an order of events) from God about my new path. (career wise)
  • Skin Care- OMG, lol! My skin has been breaking out lately and one of my new sisters has the hook up on a skin line. (that's cool)
  • Friendship- After our bonding and transparency, we were drawn together and established a bit of a core (support, motivation, love, and laughter) If you have ever wanted a sisterhood, dreamed of having a core group? I got it this weekend- it was developed by God. Different women, different ages, different dreams and backgrounds but same God- our common stitch brings us together!
  • Vulnerability- We shared the deep things and released them- truly let go.
  • Deliverance- After the storm comes life. Releasing the hidden pain revealed a beautiful promise of restoration and newness for each woman.
  • Hunger- Finally all brought us together with a deeper hunger for God, it was awesome.

Just some of the things I could share from my trip, it was a much needed mental interruption and refocusing tool. I was able to let somethings go, some seeds were planted, and I was used by God. One of the most mindblowing encounters I had came from a time where I had the opportunity to share a hidden place, a dark moment in my life that I never thought I would make it through. I saw the pain of another and was compelled to nakedness. I told the real story, no fillers and no chasers. I described the pain, depression, and feeling of hopelessness. I did not care, what anyone would think or judge, I saw the pain and recognized it, so I chose to speak. 

I learned a lot from that moment, nothing is done in vain in the life of a Christian. My ugliest moment and my way of coping that proved it self destructive was killed, God got all the glory and the person was empowered, knowing that could make it through their story and that the end would be beautiful. I would not have made it through that time without God. I saw my need and cried out for a solution and God scooped me up and loved me in my broken state, through communication only I could understand- it was awesome, his hand is truly NEVER to short to reach you.

I believe this a great place to pray for you so, 

God you are awesome! There is nothing like your love and compassion toward us, we are truly in awe of you. Lord please forgive us for the moments where we have lost faith and forgot who you really are; our everything. Thank you for the mind of Christ and the beauty of life in the spirit. We are no longer slaves to sin and bondage and I thank you. We are free, free to live unashamed, naked, real, honest. No reason for us to hold back or be someone else. You made each of us beautiful and unique. Thank you for my and each one of our intricate designs and purposes. Instill in us that we are special and handcrafted by you. Let us cherish this divine design and seek to please you with all we are.

God with our designs we have a specific purpose and a special way that we are designed to give you glory, reveal the plan Lord. As we seek you continue to unravel it. Let us take the time to relish in your beauty each day, let us learn your lessons and grow. Although times can be bitter reveal to us the sweetness in the end. Give us a hunger for the things you love and give a clean heart and right spirit with you. Teach us the basics in relationship Lord, with both you and others. Uproot everything that is not of you and impart more of you into us.  As we discover your beauty let us be grateful and joyful in our connection. Let your love transfer to others and let you be clear to them. Show all, that the beauty in us is you.

Lord bless the reader right now in the name of Jesus, I speak that seeds of faith be planted like never before and that they flourish in your time. I pray for an overcomer experience to show them that you are God over all things and that the Ah-ha, moment give them a new fire! Show them that there is no death, failure, or separation in you! I speak to the overcomer in you and say, arise! God is waiting. Let the love of God overwhelm you in this time and let you fall in love all over again. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

Get ready to be Challenged to Change! NEXT BLOG action*********

Love you,