Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fighting Satan, Life's Naysayer

You are a loser, you will never get it, just give up.

An original song played by Satan for years on the record in our minds. Constantly we are tormented by these songs or ones just like them, he has a collection of lies and half truths that attempt to tear us apart. However why if we truly believe in Christ (and His promises) are we moved by the lies we see, hear, and feel in our hearts? Time to switch CD's and change up this program! Lies can seem so real as they tear at our heart strings and we go through the motions with our emotions. Although faith is not a feeling,neither is God's word conditional- it is all it says it is. I can think back to times when I thought something was so right and it was just the opposite, especially with love. In my youth I thought I had it all figured out but I was wrong and tricked by the pull on my heart.

We are called to grow in our belief in Christ and mature to a place that we can produce no matter what is around us. I am speaking crops, producing good lasting fruit that will reflect a hearty relationship with the Lord. This can't be faked or cheated, the harvest will either speak pure roots with plenty of water and Sonlight or a rotten core. It is my sincere hope to uproot any bad seeds, break up the tough soil, and plant only pure seeds from now on. This takes diligence, faith, living water (the word) and the increase that only God can provide.

This calls for a constant renewing of my mind. Not accepting anything that is contrary to God's word to penetrate my spirit. Carefully monitoring all television, music, and activities I participate in, in an effort to grow in my relationship with Christ. I plan to speak life (His word) in all things and let His praises forever be in my mouth. I have so much to be thankful for an the opportunity to live through Him. I have no time for the games of Satan trying to keep me from my destiny. I have the tools, the mind, and the will to do it through Christ (with His power). His grace enables me to live to the fullest and I am taking my gift with gladness determined to live out its reward. Thank you Jesus, I am forever grateful* Nothing can separate me from your love. I truly love you.



P.S. Feeling excellent in Him*

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  1. Great. Satan is a liar and there is no truth in him. I have to remind myself daily that there is absolutely no truth or power in his words. I am going also work harder to renew my mind and guard my heart.I decided to continue to walk with God and become totally dependent to him. All the lies, mistruths, and death from Satan and the mouths of others can be tolerated any longer its not healthy for my growth.

    Excellent Eyeopener*