Monday, December 21, 2009

The Desperate Woman Glorified: America's Antidote for Singleness

Instability, co-dependency, sex driven, insecure, needy, drama filled, jealous, manipulating, angry, bitter, money hungry, hypersensitive, desperate women. This is what we see in modern day media and everyday life. Women who have voluntarily exploited themselves for a "place" in this world, a man on their arm, or a dream in their head- it's pathetic, not only is it pathetic but it is conditioning our women and young girls to settle for less, bargain for love, and sell themselves cheap. Where is the standard?

Please note that I am not saying that all women fall into this category, I am describing how women are depicted by the media and the ladies that have been deceived and fall into the trap of believing that this is the way to find love. My heart is connected to this topic because I have lived the role, been mistaken for, and tried to be forced into carrying the label of the stereotypical "desperate woman". They have various personalities, dreams, and lifestyles but one thing remains the same, the imbalance of God's role in their lives and their expectations of others.

We must not allow ourselves to be labeled by society but must embrace what the word of God tells us. Now if we are beautifully and wonderfully made then let's act like it and understand that we are precious to the Lord and a priceless jewel to the man that is blessed enough to receive our hand in marriage. Reinventing ourselves by the popular fads won't do it, but having our mind renewed by the Lord will. Changing the way you think truly changes your life.

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