Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Lamb of God, who took away the sins of the world! Hallelujah*

As I spent my day in bed, I began to ponder on the goodness of the Lord and believed surely He is worthy of my praise through this blog, just for who is His. In talking to a friend I came across Acts 8:32 and my mind raced from there. From the tabernacle to throne, everything before, in between, and after. Truly the Lord is worthy of all my praise.

How do you conceive a love so deep and adequately verbalize the depths of His love. Then how do you proceed to express that gratefulness? Praise, worship, prayer, Godly lifestyle, committing to christian character, living out the word are all ways to express it; God is just so good, in my vapor of a life I cannot do enough to show God my gratefulness for He is awesome. As I have begun to get broken down and my eyes are being opened I see so much that I did not see before. I see the dire need for Faith, a faith like Abraham's, I see how his faith was one of the strongest expressions of worship, for through out all, he believed God. His trust was in comparison to none.

To come to a place where I really receive, understand, and testify that Jesus is Lord and Savior over my life is amazing. To be rescued from myself and now experiencing His way of living is mind boggling, that in my mistakes, slip ups, failures, and set-backs-God uses those negative moments to build character, integrity, and give Himself glory. My eyes well up as I think on just all God has delivered me from. About how my life was nothing and full of skeletons that He now uses to pull others out of the fire and make free. I am compelled with how His word is living and can change the course of direction by it being spoken with the fire of faith behind it.

I am in awe of the opportunity to dwell with Him for all eternity. Receiving Jesus Christ changed my very way of life, disruppted the flow of destruction and in that barren wasteland created a well spring of life. This is why my life's mission is to know Him.

In a place of deep thought and eternal gratitude,

Love, Liberty*

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