Monday, January 4, 2010

Worship as a Lifestyle ( 2010-The Newness)

It's 2010, a new decade, a new year, and there should be a NEW YOU. As time passes we discover, we learn, and grow. God's word grooms us into his image, its a tough road breaking away from ourselves but the reward is eternal.

Before the start of 2010, I declared this the year of awakening and I choose to believe it. This year is a monumental year in my life, my spirit is being stirred to work in ways I never have before, to abandon the old that has not proven to bring me good success and to embrace a tenacious spirit in the things of the Lord. My focus has changed to total dependence on the word of God, prayer, and worship.

I simply love worship, my spirit leaps at the chance to praise my God through song. I am not a dancer however I just have the desire to flow with the spirit as I sing my love unto Him. The shift is huge an unrecognizable, like nothing I have ever experienced before. The warmth of his presence resting on me is addicting and I long to stay in that place, of peace, stillness, and what feels to be endless time.

My desire is to transition into a place where I can experience that same thing in prayer, in service, in my obedience to His word, and in the operation of my God given gifts. I do experience that in those areas but as I stated before this time is different and my expectation has heightened. I want to experience God and have the intimacy grow. I have a new hunger and thirst that only the King can satisfy and I plan to receive all he has for me.

My mindset has changed, His voice is clear, and I have being taken through a major heart transplant to connect everything together. A lot of my personality transitioned from joy and liberty (as a small child) to defensiveness and bondage from abuse, low self esteem and the lawlessness of my youth. I thank God that through all the pain that I still had a chance to be his child. HIs love is like nothing in this world.

God already has proven himself to be a healer and restorer of breaches this early in the year and I am grateful. I pray that my faith increases in the change. A woman of great faith, character, and integrity-there lies my heart's desire. (for God and God alone.) Meditating on Hebrews 12 and the need for discipline, the reward of righteous living and the peace connected to it!
I am aiming for great faith, like Abraham- in Libby*.

So if you have been following my blog, you remember that this year is a focus on God like never before and I am not to entertain the concept of marriage at all- a desire of my heart-but, I must wait on Him and listen closely. I know the Lord is preparing my Man of God as I am being prepared as well. I do know that he is on his way. I also know how the devil works and how he will attempt to pull out all the stops in an effort to have me miss out, lose faith, and forfeit the promise, so-gotta stay focused.

I have already been asked on a date (which I cannot attend in full knowledge of my commitment to the Lord and the personal mandate for my development). I am excited, my spiritual eyes are being sharpened for that one in the process. I will know how to recognize the one God has hand crafted for me with out confusion-how marvelous* I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to start anew and am taking full advantage of everything I have in life with Christ.

I look forward to the growth.

This year, do something different! Laugh, love and live hard-for Christ. Get a new heart, new mindset and a fresh perspective. Act like you have a God that can exceed your expectation, have faith, and be amazed.



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  1. Worship as a lifestyle is an amazing place to be with the Lord. I am also learning to totally depend on God's word, prayer,and worship which are key elements for this year. This was encouraging! Let's wait with great expectancy this year to see what amazing things the Lord will do. I'm learning that God wants to directly speak to us and commune with us through deep intimacy...just him. I am trying to continue to make the time for him.

    God Bless