Sunday, January 10, 2010

At the Brook; Thirsty for Living Water

As the deer pants for the water so my soul longs after you, I am thirsty and want your water Lord. I am at the brook Jesus. As I bend in submission to drink from your source, saturate me with all you are. Enlighten my eyes, create a new heart with a steadfast willing spirit in me, let me only have eyes for you.

A love so deep, a life so rich, a sacrifice so great..................HE IS

Lord we meet you with earnest expectation parched and needing you. Quench our thirst as we continue to seek you in everything.

We are knocking.................

I see that the hunger for more is a corporate desire in the Kingdom, to know God, to recognize Him, and live for His glory. The breaking of ideologies, traditions, and false relationships is sweeping through the hearts of His people. The truth is splitting the hearts and revealing the truth that lies in us. Once the light of truth is shone, you can no longer live in the dark. It is time to return to your first love, embrace Christ as your Savior and go hard for God*

locked into Christ,


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