Friday, June 6, 2014

Taking the Risk

 Throw back  blog never released- as we tackle the mind,
 let's overcome our fears-  LET'S GO!!!

Will you join me to KILL all that hinders?

After what it seems like a century, it's time to move forward. No more crutches, no more fear! Face to face with the thing that has terrified me for years, progress. Funny how I wrote a blog about control and used the movie analogy- it was a movie that was used to break me tonight. As I perused through Nexflix, I came across a movie that acted as a beautiful interruption to my program of procrastination.  The movie was about a guy trapped in his past to the point that he suffocated God given gifts, blocked love and fought to be content with mediocrity. After the guys talents were discovered, he was forced to undergo therapy to deal with his fears so that he could face his future. Every attempt failed until the young lad met an unlikely candidate that was just as gifted, life also had taken its best punch at his soon to be mentor as well. The mentor, acting as the wounded healer coached the young man to reality and hope in his own future- within the assignment something supernatural happened. The mentor who also was pained found his own sense of healing and new found purpose. The outcome, a beautiful symphony to where both parties ministered to each other.

The movie broke me, it lead me to wonder what happened to my fight. There I was, tears streaming down my face and I came to the realization that I was spiritually paralyzed. The fear of failure and repeating the horror of the past, left me in a place where I stopped moving. Even when I felt I was making strides in pursuing the goal, I was still protecting myself and working within a box of comfortably- allowing myself to be protected from vulnerability. Just like the young man, here God was again showing me His desire which leads right smack through my fear- this is a road I must cross to get where I am going. Its funny, I am terrified but a little excited.

There is a beautiful place in the wilderness where you are broken down to vulnerability, when you have nothing else. The place where there is nothing left and there is nothing to hide behind. In this place, no excuse is relevant, you see truth. I guess this is clarity given to the cliche "being naked before God".

Now, join me as we embark on a journey into the word. Family, let me be completely honest with you when I say that moving forward is a task- even completing this blog came with its share of distractions and deterrents but God is faithful and can and will carry us through anything if we only trust Him. Let's walk this thing out together!


You are awesome, almighty and everywhere! Help me remember that and give you due praise in every situation. Allow me to properly discern the season and adjust fire with my response. Forgive me Lord for my cowardice approach in the face of the fear of failure, the worst thing imaginable is death, however, for your children, you have already conquered the grave- so I have NOTHING to fear!!! Give us new confidence and strength in who you are and who we need to be to glorify you rightly God. Overpower us and awaken us to your love, you pour out sooo much God- allow us to receive it. Transform us totally to look like you as we live to be your tools on the earth and your children in intimate relationship. Thank you for life, love and growth- in Jesus name. Amen

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  1. Excited! I logged into blogger to write a blog that I promised some people I would right. I saw that Liberty had written two new blogs and I was excited. I'm excited because your heartfelt writing and transparency is a blessing to many. Look forward to reading more blogs and taking the journey of facing fear head on.