Friday, May 27, 2011

You are Free! Drop the Luggage and Run!!!!!

1Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,
 2Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.                                 
                                                                  Hebrews 12:1-2

This scripture is such a wealthy blessing to those that want to be free! The concept of dropping the load is often discussed and hardly done. Ok, so I put up the last blog and it was a quickie but I was not settled with it so let's go back to John 5- read it, verses 1-13. 

There is some major wealth here, the question, "do you want to me made well?" In Hebrews, we see that the bible tells us to drop EVERY weight, every distraction, every detour from destiny- but the harsh reality is, sometimes death never felt so good (because it is comfortable). It's hard to accept the truth sometimes but the truth is, we must like it? If we don't, then why do we constantly put ourselves in the position to suffer? For example the indulgence in food that keeps the weight on, or the relationship that just can't seem to work out (no matter how much you both try), or the dream that remains dead because you choose not to believe.  For each of these the answer is simple, drop the weight and focus on Jesus. Hebrews says that we have examples of faith all around us- nothing we are doing is new and we by far are not the only ones that suffer. Emotions try to make us believe that our situation is heavier than everyone else's weight- not true!

Read all of the examples in the word of God and how each blessing seems impossible,  each suffered,  was challenged by their faith but each chose God and his directive- that is what is different. We struggle in the place of doubt and believe that it is a fete that we can NEVER conquer, and that is true but we are trying to do a God sized job with man sized it will never work! For some, it is hard to learn that we are in need of God, that we cannot do it alone. The lesson can be painful and seem never ending but through it we gain a relationship with God of real intimacy and by us recognizing our weaknesses, we are able to see the true power of God. 

Currently I am in a place in life where I long for God's destiny to be manifested through my life, I want it so bad I can taste it. I hear stories and watch movies about people just like me that did the unexplainable through the power of God working through them and I cry in hunger, awaiting the opportunity. Their story empowers you, you realize that you are not crazy and that others have had the same experience. It starts and ends with a relationship in Christ. 

I can go off on a tangent but the main point of this blog is this, Jesus is EVERYTHING! You have freedom, so walk in it! Throw out everything that hinders you from destiny and purpose in CHRIST! Even the good ideas that are not God ideas-check your motive and throw all those things out* Clean the slate of your mind and ask God to show you His heart on the matter. Pray diligently to grow closer to him and read his word to learn as much as you can about him, build a relationship- not on your terms but by what God's word says.

I am getting ready to go on a retreat with some dynamic young women in the faith and the very leading up to this event has been a challenge. The theme of the retreat is to  "Reset" and in this I believe our lives will be changed if we allow it. I had to sacrifice time, finances, and priorities to go, however, I believe this will be well worth it! In everything I am making an effort to catch Jesus and his lesson and I implore you to do the same. When I return things will be different, very different*

I am going to invite you all on my journey and I plan to communicate with you even more as I journal my experiences, lessons, and bypassers of the faith that I connect with along the way- sharing their struggles but even more so, their success! It's real and you will be able to see that and hopefully recognize the gems in your own life.

My last thought: While I am gone, search yourselves -I will be doing the same* Ask God about the things you struggle with and then give them up. This is nothing cliche, for me, I had to give up the thought of marriage and relationship with a man for now. It hurt and I fight thoughts, opportunities, and things I feel were priceless that I have lost but God's will for me now is relationship building and preparing for my marriage with him. I know that marriage is in my future but it is not to be my focus and I must pray, seek God, read word, and fight not to let emotions rule-its something I have had to let go of. Whatever stops you or slows you down from seeking God is not for your good, it may be a lot to cut it off but you will see the benefits through growth, relationship, and intimacy.

My prayer for you: Lord, forgive us for holding onto the past and the things that separate us. Forgive us for forgetting who you are and leaning to things of no substance. Open our hearts and minds to you God as we commit to change and trust in you. As we go before you in honesty and humility, we know that you hear our every plea and you desire your will for us, help us see the beauty in your will and commit to living that out- let everything else become a memory.

...........I pray that through this time away that you will be refreshed and renewed by the word of God and the start of your new relationship with him. I pray that each weight that so easily slips you up loses its power and is replaced with a hunger and desire for God. I pray that a way is made for you to walk away from that thing unharmed and pray the protection of God around you. I speak the peace, faith and strength of Christ in your life even now. That your mind will be settled and that heart will be content. I pray that your eyes will be opened to the riches and wealth you have through Christ and that love supersedes all else. I pray your growth and that you begin the value the process, even if it is painful. I believe God and all of his promises to protect, guide, and grow you into something beautiful, so as you die to live for him- keep the heart, faith, and mind of Christ. may you be covered by his blood and know the power of it. There is truly nothing that is impossible in God, even a fresh start. You are an overcomer through Christ so now, do the impossible! So God I thank you and believe it is now, in Jesus name. Amen

Love your friend, 


P.S. Check out the new page design* Fresh page for a fresh start! The finish line is our goal so when you get discouraged, see Christ at the finish line! Keep running*

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