Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 1: Walking in Newness

Good Morning World Changers,

My first day away at the retreat, God is doing great things. The people selected are so different by yet the same-the combination is beautiful. The raw realness of human frailty and its transparency is awesome.

After a long night of sharing and bonding, we woke up early cooked breakfast and chatted and played "Girls just wanna have fun by Cindy Lauper". Totally caught the mode!

As I have stated before in every moment we have an opportunity to learn and grow. (I am choosing to  take advantage of life!)

What I have learned thus far (God's teachings emphasized):

  • Two of the women have created goal lists. (Long and short term) I am empowered to seek God and create my own with the things God! They even have accountability partners to hold them to the covenant made with themselves. (I love it)
  • I am learning that relationships are wonderful things and there is such a need for connection- the human nature depends on it and craves that love. Spending time with women has blessed me and this is only the beginning. I am expecting great things from God*
  • To be a great listener is a wonderful gift from God, this experience has been teaching me the beauty in death to your story to discover the beauty in another. My goal is to discover others this weekend.

Just checking in with you all and wishing you the most productive, life changing experience in our journey. Live big and be amazed*

My prayer for you: God thanks for everything, all you are and all you made me to be! Thank you for the careful love, concern, and detail you took to create us, help us see that beauty. Lord, forgive us for not realizing your love and its everlasting depths. Forgive us for living short, ignorant, and in defiance of your plan for us* Jesus as you purge us, let us fall in love all over again. Let the love overflow into the lives of others and let everything communicate who you are.  We are committed to change and growth in you. Make us new* in Jesus name, Amen*

Take advantage of every moment in life, you are never too far from God's hands- He is everywhere*

Live BIG*

Love Libby*


  1. Hey Libby,

    I'm totally excited that you have a new blog. The retreat sounds like such a blessing. I'm excited that God has allowed you to experience all that you have this weekend.

    I'm encouraged as well to move far in the Lord without limits*